Musée Bourdelle Exhibits Balenciaga, l’oeuvre au noir

The Montparnasse museum curates fashion designer Cristobal Balenciaga’s work using black until July 16, 2017 In partnership with Palais Galliera, Musée de la Mode de la Ville de Paris, Musée Bourdelle curates the perfect exhibit for true minimalists, fashion history geeks and lovers of “all-black-everything.” Enter Balenciaga, l’oeuvre au noir, which highlights all the different ways in which Balenciaga draped, sewed, embellished and manipulated fabrics … Continue reading Musée Bourdelle Exhibits Balenciaga, l’oeuvre au noir

Exploring Cultural Appropriation in Fashion

Calling out cultural appropriation has been a growing trend within the past decade—it’s time to figure out what it exactly means and what is legitimately considered offensive. To make this easier, I will focus mostly on understanding cultural appropriation in context to the fashion industry. What is cultural appropriation? Here’s the definition published by the Oxford University Press: A term used to describe the taking … Continue reading Exploring Cultural Appropriation in Fashion

Coping with FOMO During Paris Fashion Week

Every time Paris Fashion Week comes around, I obsess over every Instagram post from my favorite bloggers, editors, models and personalities in their glamorous rush through the City of Light. … Then a part of me has a mini-breakdown inside, wishing how I could be there. Fashion Month is a stylish, juiced-up blur of runway clothes, street chic, coffee, champagne, brunches, dinners and after-parties, but … Continue reading Coping with FOMO During Paris Fashion Week

What to Pack for a Winter Week in Europe

It may be crazy, but for my six-day trip to Vienna and Paris, I decided to stick to carry-on luggage. I kept my wardrobe simple and made sure to pack essentials that would be light and useful for the trip. I’m not even bothering to bring my laptop, which is just as well, because it’s better to pay attention to focus on where to go … Continue reading What to Pack for a Winter Week in Europe

Baby, Pull Me Closer

A personal photoshoot inspired by The Chainsmokers’ hit, Closer If you haven’t been able to tell from past blog posts, I don’t focus on my personal style and outfitting. Why? Because I don’t have a dream budget to hire a team or a live-in photographer boyfriend with a DSLR to take all sorts of stylish pictures necessary for running a proper style blog. Most of … Continue reading Baby, Pull Me Closer

Find of the Week | 42

Fall is here, which means it’s time for denim, sweaters and boots! The temperatures haven’t dropped low enough to break out shearling-lined footwear, but damp weather means taking out the Hunter boots. I went to Chou Chou in Wilton to get a black, matte pair—I even bought shearling in-soles to make them extra cozy. I forgot to feature this bag months ago, but it’s a … Continue reading Find of the Week | 42