7 Instagram Accounts to Follow | #Girlboss Networks

  Anyone who pursues their passion as a side-hustle or full-time understands the rigor of entrepreneurship. The journey pushes people to constantly innovate and always teeters between risk and reward. Most days, entrepreneurship empowers and gives a strong sense of fulfillment to keep hustling. But putting in the time, energy and work everyday is not easy. There are the days that push your mind and … Continue reading 7 Instagram Accounts to Follow | #Girlboss Networks

2 Months Later | Snapchat Stories vs. Instagram Stories

An evaluation of Instagram’s Story feature over sixty days later When Instagram stories were initially released, people were thrilled. Users could connect with their favorite bloggers, photographers, artists, etc. on a continuous stream throughout the day and allowed a more behind-the-scenes look at the photos being shared… But people were also very confused—why is Instagram making stories when Snapchat already has that covered? Is Snapchat … Continue reading 2 Months Later | Snapchat Stories vs. Instagram Stories

Find of the Week | 41

I refuse to believe summer is over. It’s not that I had a horrible summer. Not at all. In fact, my summer was fantastic—I traveled to California for the first time and explored San Francisco, Monterey, Big Sur and Napa Valley; spent time with family at Watch Hill; and reconnected with friends in Connecticut and New York City. I’m hoping to squeeze in one more … Continue reading Find of the Week | 41

Snowpocalypse 2014

It really has been snowing a lot lately and it’s these moments that remind us of how precious a New England summer can be. Driving to Newport for work this morning was out of the question, so I worked from home and tried to relax… Light reading before working There was no way I leaving the house today… The crackers are English/American, but it was … Continue reading Snowpocalypse 2014

Hoboken: Easter Brunch at Madison’s

Happy Easter! My family and I celebrated Easter at The Madison Bar & Grill in Hoboken. It may have been buffet-style, but this was not Country Kitchen buffet–this was probably the classiest (and most delicious) buffet I have ever had! Mini croissant, mini pain au chocolat, smoked salmon with capers, house salad, tilapia, eggs benedict with ham, flatbread pizza Chocolate covered strawberries and assorted fudge Hope you … Continue reading Hoboken: Easter Brunch at Madison’s

NGT/WKD: Catarina’s and Tropical Gangstilettos

Spring break is coming to a close, but I’ve been able to work, intern, sleep, and above all, shop. After work on Friday, I stopped by Tropical Gangstilettos on Thames Street to check out their sale on winter boots. I scored these beautiful brown knee-high riding boots for $22.50: Source: amazon.com via Mia on Pinterest My oldest brother Dylan came home to visit for the … Continue reading NGT/WKD: Catarina’s and Tropical Gangstilettos