A Millennial’s Defense of Leisure Reading

  The one-and-done rule can work for an array of situations—checking out library books is not one of them. Honestly, I have more discipline window-shopping in Le Marais in Paris compared to when I walk into the local library. Once I walk through the entrance of Wilton Library, I experience a Bookworm Blackout for roughly half an hour. I don’t realize how many books I … Continue reading A Millennial’s Defense of Leisure Reading

New Year’s Resolutions 2017

I almost refrained from writing a resolutions-related post, because obviously resolutions like “Be more organized” or “Be more punctual” are ideal.  But for 2017, I want to build upon last year’s general resolutions with one simple addition. Find and express gratitude towards everyone. In recent years, I have come to appreciate the incredible people who have become a part of my life—the assortment of individuals … Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions 2017

2 Months Later | Snapchat Stories vs. Instagram Stories

An evaluation of Instagram’s Story feature over sixty days later When Instagram stories were initially released, people were thrilled. Users could connect with their favorite bloggers, photographers, artists, etc. on a continuous stream throughout the day and allowed a more behind-the-scenes look at the photos being shared… But people were also very confused—why is Instagram making stories when Snapchat already has that covered? Is Snapchat … Continue reading 2 Months Later | Snapchat Stories vs. Instagram Stories

A Moment of Prayer for Nice

My heart is stricken with deep love and sympathy for France. Whether inflicted by nature or by man, each nation has experienced its episodes of destitution, cruelty and absolute savageries. But a deliberate attack on a country founded on liberté, égalité and fraternité—a trinity of unalienable rights for all human beings—is a rabid attempt to darken the future for those who want to build a more beautiful … Continue reading A Moment of Prayer for Nice

Why the Written Word Still Matters

Maybe it’s because I’m a romantic, but I treasure handwritten notes. I used to keep every single one of them from family, friends and boyfriends—it wasn’t until I moved that I made the decision to cut down the number of birthday cards I stored. On a selfish note, I’m also extremely proud of my handwriting and love taking the opportunity to use it anytime I … Continue reading Why the Written Word Still Matters

2016 New Year’s Resolutions

Here it is. The obligatory list of promises I hope to keep up for the New Year. Let’s hope that this list sticks. Repairing my postureI feel a slight hunch. Literally. Being a social media addict is all fun and games until the curvature of your spine morphs into something not so far removed from Quasimodo. Figuring out a regular exercise routineAs much as I … Continue reading 2016 New Year’s Resolutions

Is Outlet Shopping Really Worth It?

Michael Kors recently settled a lawsuit for $4.8 million for misleading its outlet customers by labeling its outlet merchandise as “discounted,” when in fact, the outlet goods are made specifically for the outlet. If you ever pay attention to the clothing tags from a brand’s regular retail store at the mall vs. its outlet store, some of the labels have a different look—this is not … Continue reading Is Outlet Shopping Really Worth It?