Sigmund Freud Museum, Vienna

Out of all the places Steph and I visited during our short stay in Vienna, I didn’t anticipate the Freud Museum to leave such a lasting impression. We visited the Freud Museum in the late afternoon after eating schnitzel for lunch. The museum is a 10 minute walk from Votivkirche and Universitatstrasse. When you approach the Freud Museum, it’s clear that it isn’t your typical tourist … Continue reading Sigmund Freud Museum, Vienna

Link Haul | International Travel Tips

I have a habit of hoarding blog post links and never sharing them. Until now. I always try to find out what’s happening in the social media landscape and lifestyle/travel blogosphere by reading a lot of articles. Most of the links I used to save were entrepreneurial inspirations, but since I’ve joined several different blogger networks on Facebook, my saved links are more personal by including … Continue reading Link Haul | International Travel Tips

Secession, Vienna’s Center for Artistic Expression

Vienna’s Secession continues to carry legacy of expressing and supporting artistic freedom On our first afternoon in Vienna, Steph and I walked from lunch at the Naschmarkt down the street to explore. Upon spotting Secession, I insisted on stopping in immediately before going further. I had researched and presented on Secession two years ago for a literature and history course I was taking at Salve … Continue reading Secession, Vienna’s Center for Artistic Expression

What to Pack for a Winter Week in Europe

It may be crazy, but for my six-day trip to Vienna and Paris, I decided to stick to carry-on luggage. I kept my wardrobe simple and made sure to pack essentials that would be light and useful for the trip. I’m not even bothering to bring my laptop, which is just as well, because it’s better to pay attention to focus on where to go … Continue reading What to Pack for a Winter Week in Europe

Planning for a Week in Vienna & Paris

Kicking off 2017 with a European adventure The last time I went was in January 2014 when I studied in Paris, France before my final semester at Salve Regina University. I had every intention of planning a trip in 2016, but work obligations and job searching postponed transatlantic travel plans. The past few years have been spent whetting my wanderlust by trying new restaurants, reading … Continue reading Planning for a Week in Vienna & Paris

A Gilded Weekend in Newport

I pulled out all of the stops for Salve Regina University’s 40th Annual Governor’s Ball Staying in style Since I have never needed to stay at a hotel in Newport before, I wanted to pick the perfect place. Earlier this fall, Jess Kirby of Prosecco & Plaid wrote a blog post on her trip to Camden, Maine and she mentioned how she stayed at the … Continue reading A Gilded Weekend in Newport